Now More Than Ever

Anti-Oppression and Culture Shift are Necessary

Oppressors try to erase history so that they can repeat it.
Anti-oppression is a tool to remember and build.

The people that make up organizations are the heart, which means working at the individual level is as critical as working on the organization's overall development.

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We are all Impacted

The need for equity is reflected at all levels from language, to what we wear, to how we show up to the work.1,2

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This is Necessary

This work goes beyond numbers and hirings, it is about life and death in every moment in and outside of organizations.3

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This is Strategy

Culture shift is about strategy, which requires careful planning and implementation for the short and long term.4

This work is multi-faceted, and multi-dimensional. It requires experience fielding all scenarios, a breadth of history, and a solid understanding of how organizations develop immediately and over time.

This is where we come in.


With over 20 years of proven results with hundreds of thousands of individuals, experience nationally and internationally with 1000+ organizations and companies from non-profits, to universities to start ups, to Fortune 500 companies, we come to the table as expert facilitators, trainers, consultants and speakers. We have created a nationally renown curriculum and are based out of New York and California, and travel nationally and globally to work with you.

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Strategy and Implementation

Long-term and Self-sustainable

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Trainings and Education

Topics and Formats

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Storytelling and Talks

Keynotes, Spotlights, Panels

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Assessments and Audits

Data and Analytics

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People, Coaching, Learning

Org Trust, Brand and Leadership

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The process of seeking organizational change

  • Contact


    Our Opening Conversations

    We will start with conversations about what you're looking for and what you want your process to look like. We set clear measurable goals, think about who will be in the room and how we can make lasting and impactful change over time. Committing to this process is one of the biggest junctures, and getting folks on board for the road ahead is critial. Fortunately, if your organization is committed, you're already ahead.

  • Assessment


    Measuring where you are

    We continue with rigorous information gathering to determine who will be in the room, who are the stakeholders, the history of how you arrived to where you are, where you want to be, and timelines. This involves quantitative and qualitative metrix and benchmarks so you can measure your progress. We combine machine learning, data analytics, visualization and storytelling to capture a holistic organizational cross section.

  • The Process


    A Lifelong Journey

    We begin the process as an arc, not as an isolated talk or workshop. No matter what process we settle on, the work will be embedded with your organization for long-term change. This is urgent and necessary work, and the work we do together will position you to move forward. Your process could involve a series of trainings over time, talks, virtual learning experiences, or even interviews.

  • Strategy


    Continue the Process of Transformation

    Our process includes tangible and long-term solutions throughout the period of work that will ensure you will have self-sustaining, impactful and effective transformation for the next cycle of your organization.

  • Implementation


    Making it happen

    Depending on what level of support you select, our implementation support for your organization can be long-term or immediate. At this stage we gather the data and experiences up to this point and integrate them into action throughout the entire organization.

  • Evaluation


    Measuring progress

    After our work together, we will be able to make initial recommendations. This means periodic check ins, feedback loops and progress updates.

  • Learn


    Adapting to growth

    There is no single solution for any one organization. This is why we build in a nimble and lean process to ensure we can adapt to the build, measure, learn cycle. We prepare for scalable transformation in addition to new information.

  • Evaluation


    Anti-Oppression is just the beginning

    Anti-oppression work is not the end, but one of many pieces to achieve sustainable change. This work is about culture and mindset shift. The goal is to embed this work to be ongoing and self-sustainable.



YK brings a powerful message about difficult issues with great clarity and humility. They have a deep grasp of knowledge about the complex issues surrounding oppression and its impact on individuals, communities, and organizations. I learned a great deal from them, as did our audience. YK's approach felt fresh, accessible and deeply engaging.
Photo of Verna Myers
Verna Myers
VP of Inclusion Strategy
YK worked with Thinx on an interactive and thoughtful anti-oppression program for the entire team, uniquely tailoring content for both individual contributor and management roles. Over the course of several sessions, they supported the team in thinking about ways in which oppression manifests at individual, organizational, and structural levels — and, most importantly, how we can interrupt and challenge these dynamics. YK’s activities allowed the team to practice new concepts, be vulnerable, and surface existing biases within a learner-centered space. We have the right tools to carry this work forward beyond YK’s trainings, not only as a company but as individuals.
Photo of Maria
Maria Molland
YK came highly recommended yet exceeded our expectations. They took PRH’s staff through a series of anti-oppression workshops that transformed our organization. YK’s workshops build on each other and they made themself available between sessions and on an ongoing basis to answer issues that arose as a result of implementing change. YK's thoughtful and brilliant dismantling of internal and systemic racist structures within our organization led to the creation of a Change Team that meets regularly to raise awareness on how the interplay of White supremacy, internalized oppression and systemic racism show up every day in our work environment. YK’s training has positively impacted every staff member in our organization. The Change Team has contributed to organizational policy changes as a result of their teachings. YK is a powerhouse of knowledge! YK brings clarity with courage to very difficult and highly sensitive topics. YK is a good listener that approaches training strategically by researching the organizational culture beforehand to fully integrate it into the curriculum and delivery. YK encourages engagement and is decisive when they need to intervene and/or mediate the honest issues that arise in training. The impact of YK’s training has trickled into staff’s personal spheres and for that we are forever grateful.
Photo of Bree
Mayra Ferreira
Physicians for Reproductive Health
YK worked with Fractured Atlas on an ambitious anti-oppression training program for our entire staff. Over the course of a year [they] guided us through a thoughtful exploration of the systems of oppression, and challenged us each to better understand the roles that we play, both as individuals and as an organization. I've participated in other anti-oppression training programs in the past, and even with the good ones, there's a risk of descending into a morass of anger and self-flagellation that leaves participants feeling helpless and despondent rather than enlightened and empowered. By contrast, I was struck by YK's ability to navigate uncomfortable conversations without flinching, while simultaneously keeping the overall tone productive and oriented toward actionable positive change. Within days of completing the training program, Fractured Atlas had already instituted numerous substantive changes, both in how we operate internally and in our engagement with the broader community. I'm looking forward to continuing this journey!
Photo of Adam
Adam Huttler
Fractured Atlas
YK may be the best in the field. There are a lot of people that do this work, but very very few as good as YK.
Photo of Jeannette
J Johnson Licon
Depauw University
Associate Dean of Experiential Learning, Hubbard Center for Student Engagement
YK worked with BAM for more than a year with the aim of creating an anti-oppressive environment for everyone in our organization. From [their] first meeting, [they] helped establish a framework for understanding and discussing issues of oppression that had an immediate and profound impact on how we work as individuals and as a team.
Photo of Katy Clark
Katy Clark
BAM(Brooklyn Academy of Music)
YK Hong is a tireless advocate for a more equitable world. Our staff work with YK at Creative Capital was transformative for each of us personally and for the organization. I so appreciate how tough and uncompromising [they are], and how fiercely committed [they are] is to [their] clients' personal, professional and organizational advancement. YK helped to challenge--and strengthen--the organization in ways I couldn't have predicted. They were a gift to us!
Photo of Ruby Lerner
Ruby Lerner
Creative Capital
Executive Director (now retired)
"YK expertly led the Soho Rep. staff and board through a thought-provoking series of trainings that gave the group a shared understanding of the way that systems of oppression intersect in the world and in our work, and gave us the language to discuss our own roles within these systems. Through these sessions, and by instigating caucus work, YK started us on a path towards an honest and open examination of our organizational culture, helped us begin to define accountability, and supported us in initiating a plan to undo systems of oppression as individuals and as a theater."
Photo of Cynthia
Cynthia Flowers
Soho Repertory Theatre
Executive Director
As a professional facilitator myself, I can say without any hesitation that YK is a consummate professional, far exceeding even the most stringent facilitation needs during our work together over the last 5 years. [They] have been not only a brilliant facilitator, but bring a conscientious and above-and-beyond attitude to [their] work in terms of preparation and aftercare. [They] have an ability to engage and connect with audiences over a range of ages, experiences and cultures, cultivating a brilliant following behind [them]. I would 10/10 recommend YK and hope to continue to facilitate with [them] in the future.
Photo of Amadeus
Amadeus Stevenson
Global Head of Product
YK Hong is a dynamic and skilled trainer. [Their] sense of humor and ability to relate to people allow [them] to push participants to examine their ways of thinking helping them to grow. [They] have a rare talent for addressing multiple issues of oppression in an accessible way while making clear the many connections between them. As a fellow anti-oppression trainer, I often look to [their] methods to strengthen my own work.
Photo of Bree
Bree Carlson
People's Action Institute
Deputy Director
YK was a careful, thoughtful, gracious guide over some very tough emotional and cognitive terrain. [Their] calm demeanor and patience helped people with very different starting points feel comfortable sharing experiences and asking questions.  Our work with YK was a touchstone over the course of a three-day meeting.  Since the meeting, YK has been steadfast in following up and sharing resources with participants, reinforcing [their] message that anti-oppression is a continuing project.
Photo of Jennifer
Jennifer Bradley
The Aspen Institute
Director, Center for Urban Innovation
YK’s commitment to anti-oppression and accountability work is evident in the way [they] bring in [their] own life experiences, providing practical ways to dismantle the oppression we may face day to day. [Their] training style is includes a mixture of compassion, humor, and authenticity that challenges the participant to dig deeper and pushes each of us toward realizing liberation.
Photo of Michelle
Michelle Lin
Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS)
Training Coordinator
I was first drawn into YK's work when I invited [them] to do a day-long training for Asian Pacific American students at the Claremont Colleges in Claremont, California. The feedback was incredible. The students who attended [their] training (many of whom came from less politicized backgrounds) told me that because of the training, they felt they had a deeper and stronger understanding of systemic oppression, the root causes of social injustice, as well as the politics of power and privilege. I see YK's work as foundational to building self-determined communities and forward-thinking leaders.
Photo of Diana
Diana Ming Yin
Poppy and Rose
Business Owner
When our school first started working with YK our focus was on diversity, equity, and inclusion training. Over time there was a shift that occurred to a way of thinking, doing, and being that was focused on advancing a culture of anti-oppression. We worked with YK over a period of two years – faculty, staff, and board were engaged. YK fostered an atmosphere of trust that enabled us to have difficult and challenging conversations. We left our sessions feeling inspired. Our work influenced the ways we nurture the organizational culture experienced within our school building and in community partnerships... We are grateful for YK’s knowledge, experience, and inspiration.
Photo of Kirsten
Kirsten Morgan
The Diller-Quaile School of Music
Executive Director
It was probably the most important and valuable training I’ve ever done. I came in as a well-meaning, good liberal, but I didn’t really get what it means to be an anti-racist – a real ally – until the training. As a professional, political person I’ve been part of many “liberal” coalitions and efforts that were completely devoid of involvement (let alone leadership) from people of color. At the end of the training I made a promise to myself that I wasn’t going to do that anymore. After a tough interview process, I have been hired as a central staff person who works with a coalition of groups, led by and comprised of 2/3 people of color. There’s no way they would have hired me if I hadn’t had the benefit of your training. I feel really lucky.
Photo of Stephanie
Stephanie White
Equality Michigan
Executive Director
It was an absolute pleasure working with YK. I was impressed by their professionalism and conscientious approach to their work. The session they presented on racism and systemic Anti-Asian policy was timely and highly impactful. Their facilitation was engaging and delivered in an accessible and thoughtful manner. I look forward to working with YK again in the future.
Photo of Shanique
Shanique Bonelli-Moore
United Talent Agency
Executive Director of Inclusion
There is no consultant who will reach everyone within an organization around the topic of anti-oppression, but YK comes close. YK led our staff and Board sessions on anti-oppression, and I could not recommend them more. They are savvy from life, they are smart from learning, they are wise from experience, and all of that comes out in their training.
Photo of Rachel
Rachel Routh
Dramatists Guild Foundation
Executive Director
YK took our first year class, plus leaders from 2nd and 3rd year classes, through a multi-layered, multi session, anti-oppression process. Based on overwhelmingly positive input from students, staff and faculty from previous and current years, YK tailored the curriculum to match each separate group’s needs. YK excelled at training a large number of people, while still paying close attention to the needs and levels of the different groups. I highly recommend YK Hong for any anti-oppression process.
Photo of Marge
Marge Litchford
Smith College
Assistant Dean of Students
YK- Extremely bright and undeniably one of the most genuine people I have met. [Their] confidence in subject matter is obvious and [their] ability to share and teach to a different level than [their] own skill set is remarkable. I could see [them] teaching as easily at MIT as I could to ... youth. I was extremely fortunate to have [them] as an instructor both days. [They] would be suited well working with any population and skill level.
Photo of Joanne
Joanne Bogrett
Northeast Regional Director


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